March 2, 2024

APOT Asia 2023 networking event

The Asia Pacific Onboard Travel (APOT) organisation, which brings together professionals from airline hospitality, service and the supply industry, is planning to host a networking event in Danang, Vietnam, from November 25 to 28 2023.

It is the only Asia-based networking event specifically for the travel hospitality industry.

The organisation revels in its reputation for doing things differently and has previously organised events resulting in Guinness World Records entries. Notably, during the previous APOT Conference in Danang, in June 2014, 500 participants created the world’s longest spring roll, measuring 500 metres in length.

This time – partnering with Danang Tourism, the World Association of Chefs Societies and Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Hotel – APOT aims to create the largest chicken noodle soup carnival in the world. Cafés, restaurants and hotels will participate to create a local pho ga soup – a traditional Vietnamese chicken broth with noodles.

Welcome to the 2023 APOT networking event in Danang, Vietnam, from November 25-28.
Welcome to the 2023 APOT networking event in Danang, Vietnam, from November 25-28.

APOT Forum

The most recent APOT Forum took place during June 2019 in Shanghai, China. Previous events have also been held in Bali, Colombo, Danang, Perth and Seoul. APOT gatherings have become known for their relaxed and unconventional approach to networking and the prospect of a 2023 APOT Forum in Vietnam will rekindle that.

This year’s APOT conference will feature popular activities such as a competition among catering chefs, excursions and a sunset cocktail party. 

“The plan is always for limited numbers of focused industry colleagues to have an unparalleled opportunity for discussing and sharing over two full days in a superb stress-free environment. This will be a return to the core values of APOT and we look forward to welcoming our international colleagues,” says Jeremy Clark, APOT’s CEO.

“In Shanghai in 2019, we actually held the presentations whilst on the move,” says the APOT CEO. “Happy thought we’d go one better this time and put it on a boat,“ quips Clark.

APOT was founded in 2010 by Keerthi ‘Happy’ Hapugasdeniya, the chef widely known simply as Happy K.


“APOT Asia specialises in a relaxed but focused networking environment for any and all associated with the hospitality travel scene in Asia. Regardless of where in the world you are, if you do any business with Asia, this is the event to attend,” affirms Hapugasdeniya.

“The best business deals and discoveries are made in relaxed, friendly atmospheres with no stress. This is our aim at APOT – to provide that platform” adds the organisation’s founder. Explaining that APOT is about building new relationships and providing the opportunity to maintain and nurture existing ties with no pressured agenda. Partners are welcome to participate in educational visits and entertainment.

“We plan to make this year’s event a memorable one, with exciting activities such as the airline catering chefs’ competition, a night golf championship, a welcome cocktail dinner, a conference that will be held on a cruise boat which includes lunch, an airline-themed gala dinner and a local tourist destination day tour that will include lunch,” he adds.

“These activities will provide a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for networking and building relationships,” he concludes.

Register for APOT – Danang 2023

APOT – Danang 2023 is now only a few weeks away. Secure your place at this unique networking event by registering now on the APOT website

Held at the Furama Resort Danang, a great lineup awaits attendees, including the Vietnamese-style welcome evening, a cruise seminar, an outing to Ba Na Hill and a gala dinner in traditional APOT style. There will also be a chefs’ airline meal challenge and our Guinness World Record attempt. All will be within a relaxed and productive networking environment which only APOT delivers.