April 15, 2024

ANA expands toy culinary capsule collection

ANA (All Nippon Airways) has expanded its toy culinary capsule collection.

The airline has launched its third toy culinary capsule collection, titled Economy Class Meal Inflight Figure Collections. 

ANA introduced its first toy culinary capsule set in December 2023, followed by the second iteration in January.

The collections feature ten miniature toys from the airline’s most popular Economy class meals. At approximately 4cm (1.6”) in size, each figure is almost four times smaller than its inflight counterpart.

Shun Nakatani from ANA’s Products and Services Planning team developed the miniatures. 

He said: “To achieve realism and uniqueness, we underwent multiple rounds of sampling to ensure the details and shading were as accurate as possible. From the various textures and colours of each component, down to a pair of miniature chopsticks with each figurine, ANA’s capsule toys are comprised of intricate details deceiving even the keenest eyes.

“In the past, airplane meals could only be enjoyed inflight. With these miniatures, we hope people can experience a new avenue of ANA and inflight dining. We gained valuable insights into the capsule toy market from this venture. Creating something unique and unimaginable is what collectors seek.”

Plans for future capsule collections are currently being discussed.