February 21, 2024

American airlines donates to food banks

U.S carriers have been sharing inflight catering provisions they didn’t need with food banks and hospitals around the U.S.

Delta is providing more than 200,000 pounds of both perishable and non-perishable goods after it adjusted service offerings onboard and in Delta Sky Clubs  to reduce touchpoints between customers and employees. The food would have expired before it could be served to customers so employee teams are engaging organisations that can immediately use the food. Delta has long-standing relationships with organisations such as Feeding America, a non-profit network that helps us support numerous food banks and where employees help repack more than 2 million pounds of food annually. During  the pandemic, local Feeding America organisations are distributing the donations to those in need.

In addition, Delta is working to help long-term food service partners including Linton Hopkins, Newrest and Sodexo with resources they need to serve their communities. Delta has also been providing free flights to medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis and its aircraft interiors subsidiary, Delta Flight Products, is now being used to manufacture face shields to protect hospital workers.

American Airlines has also shared over 81,000lbs of inflight catering it didn’t need with those in need, through food banks across the U.S.

Allison Ausband, Delta svp inflight service at Delta explains the programme. Watch the video here.

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