February 24, 2024

AERQ launches AERENA

AERQ has launched a new open IT platform AERENA. The platform will open new revenue opportunities for airlines and their selected partners by allowing for greater passenger engagement onboard flights.

Airlines will be able to login and design their choice of applications, media content, and graphical user interface (GUI).

The cloud-based and open software allows instant onboarding of third parties, while passengers will benefit from the personalisation of the platform, with targeted content, products and services.

Through smart data capturing, analytics and matching, airlines will gain insights into and enhanced understanding of passengers to ensure accurate data-driven and intelligent decision making to grow their business.

Arnd Kikker, co-managing director at AERQ, said: “AERENA is built for business. We make airlines the playmaker of their digital cabin experience by giving them complete control over their operational processes and better visibility of the passenger for the first time. They can fine-tune their on-board product based on smart data. That enables entirely new business models for advertising, e-commerce, destination services and more.”