June 24, 2024

AERQ and JOLED collaborate

JOLED Inc, an OLED expert and manufacturer of 4K OLED by printing technology, and AERQ, a promoter of digital transformation for aircraft cabins, have announced a collaboration aiming to integrate medium-sized OLED displays in aircraft cabins.

AERQ is a joint venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik, founded in 2019 with the aim to make airlines the playmaker of their digitalised cabin experience by introducing innovative technologies to the aviation industry. It provides a digital ecosystem for aircraft cabins that consists of an open IT platform, in seat system, and Cabin Digital Signage. By leveraging LG Electronics’ knowledge in display technologies, AERQ is aiming to utilise OLED displays in aircraft cabins.

AERQ has demonstrated its Welcome Board, is working on ceiling panels using large OLED displays, and has also revealed a concept for a class-divider using transparent displays – all part of AERQ’s Cabin Digital Signage.

JOLED specialises in R&D and production of medium-sized OLED displays. With a view to start shipping soon from a new mass production plant, JOLED is working to expand its display applications and exploit the aircraft cabin displays as one of the most interesting applications.

In the collaboration, JOLED and AERQ will work together to deliver the benefits of OLED displays and integrate them as a new standard to the aircraft industry through presenting a variety of touch points utilising medium-sized OLED displays such as Cabin Digital Signage and an inseat system.

Sang Soo Lee, managing director at AERQ says: “OLED displays have the potential to change the conventional concept of cabin displays, and we have been working to bring this innovative display technology on board to the aircraft in a variety of ways. By the collaboration with JOLED, we are completing our OLED line up by adding mid-sized displays from JOLED on top of our existing portfolios that are 55″ and 65” from LG Electronics.”