May 30, 2023

Aero-Sense Aircraft Insecticide no EU legal

Aero-Sense, a Belgium-based manufacturer of aviation chemicals, has closely collaborated with Honeywell’s Industrial Aerosols department to develop a safe and environmentally friendly aircraft insecticide.

This Aero-Sense product is now the first aerosolised aircraft insecticide worldwide to receive an approval for sale and use in all 27 Members States of the European Union, including Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

100% safety tested Aircraft insecticides are products that are used onboard of aircraft to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases (such as malaria, zika, dengue, etc.) via air travel. The specific methods and products to be used for aircraft disinsection are found in World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, as well as in IATA and ICAO guidelines.

All Aero-Sense products are formulated according to these recommendations, but the Aero-Sense Aircraft Insecticide is the first to also acquire a Union Authorisation under the European Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) successfully.

The BPR examines whether a biocide, such as an insecticide, is harmless to humans and the environment. For example, according to the BPR, no carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting or toxic substances may be present in the product.

“Only a product that is 100% tested conform safety requirements passes this strict evaluation process.” says Jochen Rosseel, COO at Aero-Sense. “Our aircraft insecticide ASD does not only protect the health and safety of passengers and crew, but it also gains their trust.”