July 25, 2024

WTCE Exhibitor preview

Not sure who to visit at WTCE? We've got you covered. Check out our exhibitor roundup…

UBITE: serviceware

UBITE believes that every product should have the potential to be reused and recycled. At WTCE it will be showcasing its Zerocup concept. These high-end cups are suited for hot beverages and are made from agricultural waste. They are characterised by
their porcelain-like feel, reusability
and recyclability. Stand 4F51

SATS: Food & beverage

SATS is a global aviation services company and leading Asian aviation food solutions provider. It offers culinary expertise, product design, food technology, quality large scale production, and packaging innovation to enable high-end inflight dining experience across its customer network. Stand 1C60

Clip: serviceware, AMENITIES, TEXTILES

Clip is a creative and design-driven agency in the aviation supply industry. It helps its customers create unforgettable journeys with elevated inflight products. It designs bespoke for each individual clients’ needs covering all inflight items: chinaware, glassware, flatware, textiles, sleepwear, skincare products and sustainable solutions. Stand 1E60

Cuisine Solutions: Food & beverage

Cuisine Solutions, a leading manufacturer and distributor of sous vide foods, will showcase specialty selections from the U.S., France, and Thailand, where each of its three plants are located. Cuisine Solutions has a wide range of sous vide prepared products including proteins, sauces, grain and plant-based products, providing a complete meal solution. Its tasting menu will feature new offerings like Beef Pastrami and Biscuits & Gravy. Stand 4E10

AAB inflight: Food & beverage

AAB inflight understands that onboard hospitality is a highly-specialised operational business. If you are looking for out-of-the-box ideas that are guaranteed to accurately fit your airlines’ trolleys and trays, AAB-inflight is your partner. Stand 1D41

Swypes: Hygiene

When showers are out of reach, Swypes’ 100% biodegradable body wipes redefine in-transit hygiene, offering a sustainable and convenient alternative. With a dual-sided design for exfoliation and cleansing, Swypes eliminate sweat, odour and grime, delivering a quick, water-saving and residue-free wipe down. Stand 1A116

Kimirica: serviceware, Amenities, Textiles

Kimirica Hunter is an Indo-Canadian joint venture that brings together over 35 years of expertise in creating sustainable products and luxury collaborations for passenger comfort amenities, sleepwear, children’s kits, skincare, bags and meal serviceware.

Lily O’ Brien’s: Food & beverage

Lily O’Brien’s is a premium chocolate and luxury potted dessert manufacturer based in Ireland. It supplies some of the world’s most loved travel companies in the air and on the ground and has a significant customer base in the travel sector globally. Stand 1E70

Zibo Rainbow Airline Appliance Co: serviceware, Amenities, Textiles

Zibo Rainbow supplies airlines with sleeper suits, blankets and duvets, towels, amenity kits, kids packs, snack bags, airsickness bags, paper cups, plastic products and chinaware. It can also supply stainless-steel cutlery and glassware. Stand 1E88

Castello Monte Vibiano: Food & beverage

Home of the Fasola Bologna family since the 19th century, Castello Monte Vibiano is the symbol of a guaranteed all-natural quality, sustainable business. Try its Extra Virgin Olive Oils and other Italian products. Stand 4C40

Mills Textiles: Textiles

Textile and direct supply specialists Mills Textiles will be exhibiting a selection of innovative, sustainable products at WTCE. Its products include napkins, tablecloths, headrest covers, duvets, blankets, pillows and covers, slippers, non-wovens and sleep/bedding. A range of ancillary products including sustainable cups and air sickness bags. Stand 1D51

FORMIA: Amenities

FORMIA offers tailor-made, premium and sustainable airline amenity concepts with the highest perceived value. Visit FORMIA at stand 4D20 where its team can talk you through its meaningful collaborations, its path to sustainability, and the products and experiences that have been consciously designed to remain with travellers during their journey and long after. Stand 4D20

Foodcase: Food & beverage

An award-winning Netherlands-based company striving to make travel food a better experience for people and the environment. With a special focus on ambient meal solutions, creative hot snacks and specialised programme for special meals, no one will be left unsatisfied. Stand 4D10

deSter: serviceware

deSter, a gategroup member, is a leading provider of innovative and sustainable food packaging and serviceware concepts to the aviation, hospitality, and foodservice industries. Stand 4F40

Bottega SpA: Food & beverage

Bottega SpA is a family company, boasting a history of over four centuries in vineyard cultivation. From sparkling and still wines, grappa and liqueurs, up to cocktail premix and 0% alcohol drinks, its products are crafted with artisan care and unique ingredients, reflecting its unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability.
Lemon Spritz is its latest cocktail premix, a ready-to-serve spritz based on sparkling wine, lemon infusion and mint. The 25cl can is perfect to be enjoyed onboard. Stand 4C51

SnackBoxToGo: Food & beverage

SnackBoxToGo offers a delectable array of convenient snacks, perfect for on-the-go indulgence. Logistics-wise, SnackBoxToGo can bring your products all over the world. Stand 1G20

Intervine: Food & beverage

Intervine is a wine, food & beverage management company catering to the global airline and cruise line industries, providing wines, beers, and ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs); non-alcoholic options; canned water and water filling stations; coffee and tea; snacks; heat and serve proteins and meals, and disposable tableware. Stand 1E97

Meiko Global: hygiene

MEIKO makes the world a cleaner place. The company started out almost 100 years ago in the Black Forest – now it operates all around the globe with production sites in Germany, China and the USA. With its dishwashing, trolley washing and conveyor systems for inflight catering, MEIKO stands for non-stop performance, easy operation and for highest standards of safety and cleanliness. At WTCE 2024 MEIKO will show its latest Single Trolley Washer for smaller airports. Stand 4B38

NCM India: Textiles

NCM India has excelled in aviation services for over two decades. Specialising in inflight textiles for all classes, its range includes plush blankets, luxurious duvets, crisp cotton napkins, and comfortable sleep suits. Stand 1B90

Azusa Group: serviceware, Amenities Textiles

Azusa Corporation Ltd. was established in 2003. Over the past 21 years, it has been committed to the OEM/ODM field of all kinds of airline headphones, blankets, amenity kits, napkins, non-woven headrest covers, tableware products and much more. Stand 1A99

John Horsfall: Textiles

John Horsfall will be showcasing a new variety of recycled fabrics in its Re-Thread range. The trademarked brand of recycled, regenerated and plant-based fibres and fabrics now flies on-board with several airlines, following collaborative work to create beautiful, sustainable inflight comfort products. WTCE 2024 will see Re-Thread’s biggest onboard launch to-date, with a ground-breaking airline collection. Stand 1E61

Versapack: Security

Established in 1973, Versapak is a leading manufacturer of Tamper Evident Products. It manufactures security seals, secure bags for inflight catering, pre-order duty free items and custom security bags. Stand 1C101

DK Aviation: Service equipment

DKA is a designer and manufacturer of airline galley equipment and inserts. It will exhibit its entire selection of products within the galley equipment category, consisting of meal carts, duty-free sales carts, standard units, foldable trolleys, oven racks/trays, drawers, and baby bassinets. Stand 1F101

Aero-sense: Hygiene

DKA is a designer and manufacturer of airline galley equipment and inserts. It will exhibit its entire selection of products within the galley equipment category, consisting of meal carts, duty-free sales carts, standard units, foldable trolleys, oven racks/trays, drawers, and baby bassinets. Stand 1F101

Linstol: Serviceware, Amenities, Textiles

Linstol specialises in providing a comprehensive range of inflight products to airlines worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, Linstol has established itself as a trusted partner in the airline industry, offering innovative and sustainable product solutions designed to enhance the passenger experience.
Visit Linstol at WTCE booth 4E30 for a personal tour of new innovations in sustainable products, headsets, amenities, textiles, and brand partnerships. Stand 4E50

Texia: Textiles

MY DRAP innovates inflight service with unique single-use table linens. Crafted from 100% cotton, recycled cotton, or linen. Ideal for premium cabins, its lightweight table linens eliminate laundering, ironing, and product loss issues. Committed to sustainability, its products are 100% recyclable and compostable. Stand 1E89

Buzz: Serviceware, Amenities, Textiles

Buzz will showcase luxury brand collaborations, wellness and sustainable onboard products including amenities, skincare, textiles, kids and meal serviceware at WTCE this year. Some highlights at the Buzz stand will include the 360° Luxury Brand Experience, its immersive Armani brand experience created for Etihad, and the Innovation of Play zone bringing the latest play trends and design inspiration for young travellers. Stand 4C30

Noritake: Serviceware

The Noritake team of experienced, highly-skilled designers and craftsmen are ready to fulfil an airline’s individual requirements. Working together, Noritake cooperates at every step of the operation from planning and design through the completion of the production process, and beyond. Stand 1G69