March 3, 2024

Wizz Air and gateretail renew partnership

Wizz Air and gateretail have agreed to continue their inflight retail partnership for a further five years. The two companies have signed a contract, renewing their arrangement and following on from an expiring five-year agreement.

Gategroup’s brand gateretail will continue to deliver and manage the full onboard retail programme for Wizz Air, Europe’s fastest-growing ultra-low-cost carrier. The company will continue to manage the Budapest-headquartered airline’s retail offering as it drives its global expansion towards a fleet of 500 aircraft.

Unique in the market, gateretail will supply full retail services as merchant on record with a full network and Logistics Modernisation Programme (LMP) management and digital platform solutions, providing a connected galley and retail platform.

This renewed confidence sits on a strong foundation based on profitability, capacity to grow in new markets at pace, tangible digital transformation and a common vision for ancillary contribution.

“As WIZZ continues its record growth in new and existing markets, we are extremely focused on our core business. This renewed partnership with gateretail will support a combined vision of ancillary contribution, passenger experience and digitisation,” said James Goodwin, Head of Ancillary at Wizz Air.

“We are very grateful to partner up again with WIZZ and disrupt the retail onboard service. We will bring WIZZ´s customers solutions and services to their needs and drive higher degrees of profitability,” said Fernando Guinea, Global Managing Director at gateretail.

“Our unique retail digital platform and connectivity will unlock and disrupt the market at levels never seen before, by leveraging data across the retail value chain and providing a degree of personalization and convenience that will wow WIZZ´s passengers,” continued Guinea.;