July 18, 2024

WestJet launches uniforms for all bodies

WestJet has launched a new uniform collection created to reflect its acceptance and inclusivity of all body types and genders.

In 2017, WestJet was the first Canadian airline to update their uniform guidelines to be ‘unchained from gender norms’. Now the new WestJet Lakes and Rocky Mountain collection builds on that approach as they are genderless, providing the opportunity for WestJetters to select the uniform that is most authentic and comfortable to them. Redesigned name tags also feature a newly created space for pronouns, to promote greater inclusivity for everyone in WestJet’s world.

Leah McDonald, WestJet, Director, Training and Uniforms, said: “This journey began four years ago and throughout the process, inclusivity has led our design and development. These uniforms were created for all bodies, allowing each of our frontline team members to proudly wear something that reflects their individual style, identity and authentic self.”

The uniforms were produced by Unisync, a North American specialist in garment design. All items carry the Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certification.

Along with the new uniforms, WestJet recently updated its tattoo policy to ensure frontline staff have the freedom to showcase visible tattoos and celebrate individuality, while wearing their uniform and representing the airline.