March 2, 2024

Welcome to your 2024 Awards…

The only Awards that matter!

We’re championing the change-makers…

Our industry is changing and changing fast. 

The joy of travel is returning with new products and services, and essential reinventions driving the travel industry’s recovery worldwide.

Behind every touch of joy onboard is a talented team with a vision and a determination that makes change possible, delivering it every day. 

Now is the time to give credit where credit is due and recognise the talent and creativity of your team.

Step forward change-makers, now is the time to earn the widest possible recognition for all that you do for your clients and their passengers. Now is the time for the industry to recognise the creativity, passion and innovation of its hard-working people. 

Entries open November 13 2023.

We’re building respect through recognition…

Entering has never been more important than now…

Nothing builds respect for your business and for the onboard hospitality sector like the Onboard Hospitality Awards.  

These awards are the way you can shine a light on outstanding products and services, and give the amazing teams which are behind them the kudos they richly deserve.

This has never been more important than it is now, as the industry faces down a recruitment and retention crisis and works to build recognition and prestige for the roles and rewards it offers to its people.  

Enter your products and services into the 2024 Onboard Hospitality Awards and you can ensure your people get the kind of real respect and recognition that builds team spirit and long term commitment to doing a great job.

Entering the Onboard Hospitality Awards  has never been more important. Here’s why…

Recognise your people

Our rigorous and accountable judging process, ensures only worthy winners collect an Onboard Hospitailty Award. The prestige of each award brings acclaim to your team and boosts in-house morale. It aslo strengthens client relationships and your company’s reputation. As teams rebuild, HR specialists confirm nothing fuels commitment like awards that make staff feel truly valued.

Spotlight their skills

All entries and winners feature in Onboard Hospitality magazine and for over six months. This is your chance to share your products’ stories and spotlight the creativity and innovation of your teams. 

Celebrate your champions

Identify the team behind each product and service entered so we can celebrate the commitment and hard work of the people behind them. Let us share their successes with the whole industry and help rebuild pride and respect for those the recovery is relying on.

Cabin Concept of the Year 2024

Calling all airlines: The prestigious Cabin Concept of the Year Award 2024 will recognise excellence in cabin-wide innovation, created by multiple touchpoints.

Following in the footsteps of 2023 Gold winner, Air New Zealand, the 2024 Cabin Concept of the Year will have implemented a significant onboard project which spans across at least TWO of the following elements of the passenger experience:

• Service/Crew – new training initiative/uniform/livery/branding
• Food – menu/service/delivery style/tableware
• Technology – apps/entertainment/connectivity/logistics/analytics
• Interior design – seat/decor/styling/lighting/colours
• Comfort – amenity kits/seat fabric/bedding range/wellbeing programmes
• Corporate Social Responsibility elements – waste management/sustainability policy 

Contact for more information.