July 21, 2024

Skysupply teams up with Porsche Design

Amenities specialist skysupply has partnered with Porsche Design to create a new collection of bags for Lufthansa’s Business class.

The collection features four different designs of amenity bags with a multi-functional case, a travel wallet and two pairs of shoe bags in different fabrics. The kits incorporate exclusive and functional design elements.

Skysupply and Porsche Design first agreed to work cooperatively in 2021 on a joint project to create Lufthansa’s First class amenity kits.  Now the Business kit has been rolled out.

The multi-functional, oval black cases feature a nylon look and open with a zip. They feature a white Porsche Design logo and are designed to hold sunglasses, pencils, and other accessories both inflight and beyond. The black drawstring bag, is a practical yet fashionable offer which also features the Porsche logo and is designed to  hold shoes, laundry, and other personal items. It is made of textured mesh and PU/vegan leather.  The travel wallet is suitable for documents, cables and mobile phones.

All kits hold the same premium content: L’Occitane cosmetic items, black socks, eye masks, bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste by SmileCare as well as earplugs.

Wolfgang Bücherl, skysupply´s Managing Director, said: “Working with such exclusive brands as Lufthansa and Porsche Design is a great honour. We are particularly proud of this cooperation.”

F. A. Porsche is credited with having created one of the most significant design objects in contemporary history: the Porsche 911. His vision of carrying the principles and legend of Porsche beyond  the automotive world led to him founding his own design studio in 1972. The brand continues to stand for a philosophy that ‘combines purist and timeless design language with intelligent function’.