May 30, 2024

SAE and IAWMA sign sustainability memorandum

SAE International (SAE) and the International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate in the development of standards for products, processes, and services in global commercial and business aviation, airports, and flight kitchens.

The organisations will work together to lay the foundation for the industry’s future needs, help it meet increased demands for sustainability, and accelerate its adoption of the circular economy on an international scale.

The agreement sets the goals of fostering broader coordination, sharing best practices and innovation, increasing stakeholder participation inside and outside of aviation, and promoting the development of SAE standards in aviation that serve the members of both organisations.

“The partnership between SAE and the IAWMA provides a strong platform for collaboration between our organisations, bringing greater value to the broader aviation community,” said David Alexander, director of Aerospace Standards at SAE.

Gregoire James, commercial director and founder at the IAWMA, said: “Together, our mutual and staunch resolve will help to ensure future generations will benefit from the proper transition of ownership of a sustainable industry, and standards development represents a historic opportunity to shape its future advancement for environmental stewardship.”