June 20, 2024

PaperWise wrap packaging onboard Lufthansa flights

SPIRIANT has announced jointly with its partners Lufthansa, LSG Sky Chefs, and Evertaste that an eco-friendly PaperWise wrap packaging for continental and intercontinental Economy Class flights has taken to the skies with Lufthansa.

In keeping with its motto ‘there is no waste in nature’, PaperWise is committed to processing agricultural waste through recycling and thus preventing the waste of valuable resources.

A special feature about the PaperWise wrap packaging is that it has the same properties and quality characteristics as conventional paper packaging but is entirely made of agricultural waste. By recycling agricultural waste such as rice, grain and sugar cane from food production, benefits can be achieved in comparison to conventional paper production.

The innovative process enables the reduction of environmental impact by 47% compared to conventional paper and by 29% compared to recycled paper.