March 2, 2024

New TAP Air Portugal amenity kits from Skysupply

TAP Air Portugal has new Business class amenity kits featuring products by the Portuguese beauty and cosmetics brand Benamôr. The kits are available in four colours and were developed in collaboration with Skysupply.

The pouches feature a logo with both companies’ names and contain a practical selection of items used by travellers. They include earplugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a small Benamôr branded hand lotion, socks and an eye mask.

The pouches are available in four different colours, representative of iconic symbols of Portugal and Benamôr. Those are Laranjinha, a European orange, in the colour orange; Nata, a traditional Portuguese pastry, in yellow; Gordíssimo, the African butter tree as a tribute to Portugal’s Age of Discoveries, in blue; and Alecrim, the aromatic herb rosemary, in mint.

Benamôr’s design is represented in the eye mask flower patterns matching the amenity kit style. Additionally, the colour scheme is used in the toes of socks.

Genuinely Portuguese

TAP’s brand message is ‘Genuinely Portuguese’, which encompasses elements including tradition, sustainability, a welcoming culture, exclusivity, innovation made in Portugal, and ‘Portugality’, which means living the Portuguese lifestyle.

The objective was to make this a visual and sensual experience for passengers which develops into a feeling both during and after the flight.

TAP Air Portugal communicated that the brand partnership with the beauty and cosmetics label Benamôr was selected because the companies share values, quality standards and visions. Benamôr was established in Lisbon in 1925 while TAP Air Portugal was founded in 1945.

The new TAP Air Portugal Business class amenity kits are representative of a world of positive experiences in the destination.

Skysupply strives to integrate sustainable practices as much as possible, so the amenity kits are made of recycled plastic bottles and other upcycled polyethylene terephthalate waste (rPET). Bamboo was used for the toothbrush and the packaging of the toothpaste and the earplugs are made of paper.

The amenity kits are practical, contain local references and can be used after flights, at home or during future travels. / /