July 25, 2024

New design project from Thompson Aero Seating

Thompson Aero Seating has debuted a new design project focused on colour, materials and finish (CMF).

Called Project Echo, the aircraft seating supplier’s new venture showcases its latest Vantage range. 

The new seating designs were crafted by Thompson’s CMF team. They are described as giving a “premium feel” with a sense of “elegance, sophistication and quiet luxury.”

Project Echo’s colourways, which were inspired by the landscape of Northern Ireland, include a layering of tinted darks, bright colours and “highlights to capture the spirit of the land.” 

Many materials used within the seating range were standardised. This makes the supply easier to manage and gives economies of scale. Fabrics are also textured and wipe clean.

The Vantage seating range includes an original seat of the same name, Vantage XL, Vantage SOLO and VantageDUO. 

Belinda Mason, CMF Designer at Thompson Aero Seating, said: “Under Project Echo, we have made ourselves the client and created a unified pallet that gives alignment to each seat design, bringing them within the brand range as a whole.

“We are proud to be able to showcase our CMF expertise through Project Echo, offering our customers a neutral starting point from which their own brand can be developed.”

Project Echo designs will be launched at AIX 2024 in Hamburg.