March 25, 2023

Monty’s Bakehouse showcases two new culinary box innovations

Monty’s Bakehouse is showcasing two new culinary box innovations ready for take-off.

The Snack Pack is designed to provide passengers with a light, premium quality meal with strong sustainability credentials, and the Bento Box is a fully recyclable, flexible boxed meal offer for passengers in the premium cabins and lounges.

The Snack Pack is a ‘freeze-thaw’ concept with two components presented to the passenger with minimum effort and low touch from the crew. It contains a soft roll which, unlike a traditional sandwich, is co-extruded to completely envelop the filling. The second component is a moist sweet sponge.

The design aims to ensure a clean serve without leakage inside the box during transit or service, cutting the risks of no soggy bread issues. The Snack Pack is t hygienically sealed for passenger and crew reassurance.

The freeze thaw concept ensures a longer shelf life and less handling and preparation time. The box is made using bio-degradable, compostable paperboard sourced from sustainably managed forests. A revolutionary compostable barrier inside the box protects the integrity of the paperboard and the food.

Roll fillings include Farmhouse-style Chicken, aromatic basil and ripe tomato, Classic egg and sweet tomato, Creamy and spicy coronation chickpea, Chunky chicken salsa. Sweet elements include zesty lemon sponge and rich chocolate sponge.

The new Bento Box, created in collaboration with SATs food group, is inspired by Japanese culinary tradition and presents passenger will be presented with a sleek printed box, equal size to a half sized standard aircraft tray for seamless use across all airlines. Upon breaking the tamper proof quality seal for maximum hygiene, the passenger will slide open the sleeve to reveal a compact, modular arrangement of boxes; two medium sized cartons suitable for salads, desserts or starters, alongside a larger oblong shaped box ideal for the entrée. It includes an open section suitable for cutlery and napkins.

Airlines can be creative with the content, tailoring the meal options to each flight, a passenger’s unique tastes or dietary preferences. It can include destination-led cuisine or food-tainment in the form of build your own meal kits ie wraps, salads or dips and crudités. The boxes can accommodate a blend of ambient, chilled or heated options. For the crew the Bento Box provides a swift and premium, hygienic and safe, quality serve, helping to make the passenger experience more relaxing and a bit more special.

The Bento Box is made from sustainable paperboard and is fully recyclable.