March 3, 2024

Lumo commits to local partnerships

UK train operator Lumo, based in North East England, is continuing its commitment to organisations across the region, notably with its Pride Partnership.

Lumo has created a ‘meaningful partnership’ with the LGBTQIA+ community, joining forces with Northern Pride, Curious Arts and Pride Radio, which broadcasts to a global audience from its base in Pelaw.

The support has included a special liveried train, conveying the Pride message to travellers on Lumo’s route between London and Edinburgh, as well as having a presence recently at Northern Pride.

It is important to the company to create relationships which were “meaningful, real and genuine” said Martijn Gilbert, Managing Director of Lumo Trains: “It’s been very important for us from day one to make sure we play an active role in the communities we serve.”

“We are really keen to show that we are a modern and diverse way to travel. We’re all about sustainability and creating a great value experience for our customers, as well as wanting to celebrate being based here in the North East,” he continued.

Local partnerships

Lumo has also been involved in local partnerships with Beamish Museum, Gateshead Football Club and has worked closely with the NewcastleGateshead Initiative, which promotes the area as a whole.

It has developed a strong bond with Pride Radio, leading to Lumo’s logo being added to the ‘wall of fame’ outside of the station’s base at Stonehills, Gateshead.

Peter Darrant, Director of Pride Radio, said that Lumo had been a strong advocate of the station’s work: “We are really grateful for the amazing support that we’ve had from Lumo and how the company has got behind the work we do for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“Martijn and his team are so enthusiastic and so keen to be involved in a really meaningful way that they are making a real difference.”

Lumo’s first service was on 25 October 2021 and the company has already transported more than a million passengers. It is described as the UK’s newest and greenest passenger train operator.

The company prides itself on its sustainability, using all electric trains, being paperless and ensuring that 50 per cent of its onboard menu is plant-based.