May 22, 2024

Korean Air upcycles life vests into cosmetic pouches 

Korean Air has released a genuine lifesaver for anyone looking to take an eco-friendly cosmetic pouch on their next trip. The limited-edition kit is upcycled from retired life vests that have travelled multiple times in the airline’s cabins. 

The upcycled pouches have been produced in collaboration with 107, the Korean beauty brand which is known for its natural skin care products and holistic, eco-friendly approach to beauty care. 

The new cosmetic pouch will carry six different travel-size skincare essentials. A facial cleanser, a face mist, a mask pack, moisturising cream, soap and shampoo will be inside. The neat-looking pouch features yellow life vest fabric, a black fabric handle and a red inflate tag. 

Just 4,000 of the upcycled cosmetic pouches have been produced. The edition number is imprinted on a metallic tag also bearing the total number of pouches produced as part of this upcycling initiative.  

The pouches will be available to buy on Korean Air’s e-Skyshop. The price of the cosmetic pouch including the skincare set is KRW 125,000 (£79 / $95). Profits from the sales will be donated to a global environmental organization. 

The retired life vests were washed using biodegradable detergents before being converted into cosmetic pouches. Designed to minimise pollution and carbon emissions, the manufacturing process which made use of solar power. 

As a part of its commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities, Korean Air has carried out a variety of upcycling projects. These include producing name tags using scraps from retired aircraft and donating of hot water bottle covers made using inflight blankets to people in need. The airline will continue to develop and showcase original eco-friendly products. 

Korean Air was established in 1969, has its hub at Incheon and employs more than 19,000 people around the planet.