May 30, 2024

Kaelis launches PPE platform

Kaelis has launched a dedicated PPE platform to help facilitate supply-chain processes.

Established in response to the worldwide shortage and limited supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Kaelis has dedicated all its resources and expertise to the fighting COVID-19 over the past four months, aiding purchase and delivery of products through its established supply chain.

Frederico Heitz, Kaelis CEO, says: “As a lean company focused on our commitment to innovate and continuously improve, Kaelis wanted to speed up the supply-chain process as every day counts when saving lives. For this reason, Kaelis joined forces with best-in-class partners Neurored, S4GConsulting, several Logistics Partners and Global Payment Network Veem to offer a based secure and encrypted online platform to our customers.

Corporations, NGOs, healthcare and government institutions can now place, pay and track their orders online directly in the Kaelis PPE Platform. Established airline customers are also able to access the platform by requesting a login account to