July 25, 2024

“Growth becomes far easier with the fire power of SATS by our side”

Monty’s Bakehouse is set to up its global profile following its acquistion by SATS. MD Matt Crane predicts an exciting future

We have been working with SATS for some time and the more we spoke, the more synergies we found between our businesses and company cultures. We saw there was a great opportunity if we came together. It was very mutual.

Global opportunities
My ambition was always, and remains, to develop Monty’€™s Bakehouse into a truly global business quickly, and joining with SATS ensures just that. For us it makes great sense to enter into alliance with the largest caterer in Asia’“ active in 16 countries, and with a multi-billion pound business behind us we are excited about the future. We also have strategic plans to enter non-airline markets and can learn from, and add value, to SATS’ expertise in these channels. We have been extending our brand into new territories for a while: UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US, and know, once the current COVID-19 difficulties are over, there is a bright future for us in Asia with SATS.

Monty’€™s Bakehouse will continue to operate as it always has done and nothing changes in that regard. We continue to support all our clients as we have done and at the same time have the additional opportunity of sharing all our know-how and expertise with the SATS team as we work together to open up Asia to our products and services.

Together we will build a second Innovation Centre in Singapore and are in the final stages of confirming a location. The Innovation Centre teams will then act as one team across the UK and Singapore but work from two Innovation Centre locations. In Singapore the team will focus on Asian centric product, packaging and service innovation and this work will begin in the UK and transfer to Singapore once the new Innovation Centre is open.

SATS is an Asian-centric business, ambitious and with huge capabilities. We will now play our part in its growth strategy wherever it is logical to do so.

Sustainable progress
Sustainability is becoming a big issue in Asia as the region matures, and large companies like SATS have an increasingly important role to play. We will now begin working closely with SATS driving sustainability initiatives forward as we develop new product, packaging, service concepts and supply chains.

Working together we can exploit the market, pool resources, people and finances and look to expand. Ambitions for growth become far easier when you have the fire power of a business like SATS by your side. There are exciting times ahead.