May 30, 2024

Etihad upgrades its Business offer

Etihad has unveiled details of its new inflight premium experience created in collaboration with celebrated designer Giorgio Armani and Armani/Casa and facilitated by Buzz Inflight Products.

Launching onboard in December, the partnership claims to enhance the offer ‘beyond Business’ with the introduction of ‘The Constellation Collection’ which includes new tableware, serviceware and textiles.

The products are said to have been inspired by the stars and are subtly embellished with a unique geometric pattern.

Tony Douglas, Group Chief Executive Officer, Etihad, said: “This is a completely new and elevated way to fly with Etihad Airways—an experience defined by our Emirati heritage yet shaped by a clear vision for our future. Known globally for its Italian luxury and elegance, Armani/Casa is the ideal brand partner to create an unparalleled level of bespoke service and refinement for our guests.”

The dining ware includes contemporary finishes, mixed materials and embossed patterns and features a dark green, slate and aquamarine colour palate drawn from the Abu Dhabi skyline. It has been designed with  sustainability in mind using durable, high-quality materials and design that reduced equipment weight by up to 10%

The premium textiles include a matching pillowcase and duvet set feature in Armani/Casa signature designs. On longer flights a new innovative memory foam mattress will provide additional comfort to the fully-flat bed in Business.