July 25, 2024

White Glo introduces Bite & Brush toothpaste tablets

White Glo has introduced Bite and Brush Toothpaste Tablets. Whitening fluoride toothpaste in a tablet format, the tablets are packaged individually in sustainable paper sachets or in bulk in glass jars.

The product is being marketed as an eco-conscious option to reduce plastic waste. Toothpaste tubes have been identified as a global waste concern. Approximately 1.5 billion are discarded annually, taking 500 years to decompose.

White Glo has implemented eco-friendly practices and the company’s airline products feature sustainable paper sachets which replace plastic tubes. The packaging preserves toothpaste freshness without harming the environment.

The Australia-based company collaborates with CleanHub to remove discarded plastics from oceans. The White Glo-CleanHub Partnership accounts for the retrieval of more than 1,500kg of plastic waste.

“Our sustainable oral care range addresses the urgent need to reduce plastic waste in the travel industry. By offering eco-friendly options such as paper sachets and toothpaste tablets, we’re helping passengers maintain their oral hygiene without harming the environment. This commitment to sustainability aligns with our values and the growing eco-consciousness of travellers, making it an ideal choice for passengers on air, rail, or ship,” says Isabella Chen, Marketing Manager – Airline and Travel Partnerships at White Glo.

“We are open for any inquiries from airline, hospitality, hospital, cruise or train industries,” adds Chen.

Introduced in August, White Glo’s Bite and Brush Toothpaste Tablet complied with Australian, US and UK regulations. Several enquiries have already been received.