May 22, 2024

Gladi8tor announces partnership with Outsmarted

Gladi8tor, the inflight gaming platform, has announced a partnership with Outsmarted, the quiz game designed to facilitate play by people of all ages. The collaboration is set to offer passengers an interactive gaming experience during flights.

Outsmarted can bring together families and friends. Playing Outsmarted allows passengers to enjoy a social gaming experience by challenging fellow travellers. Solo players can test their knowledge too.

With a range of levels and categories, Outsmarted delivers a personalised gaming experience with appeal across age groups and niches of interest.

Outsmarted’s integration into the Gladi8tor platform represents a significant evolution in inflight entertainment options. Airlines partnering with Gladi8tor now have an opportunity to offer their passengers an interactive quiz game that entertains while stimulating people’s minds and educating them.

Gladi8tor and Outsmarted offer airlines the opportunity to customise the quiz based on their destination(s) and reflect their brand. Special interests can also be reflected. That customisable content, says Gladi8tor, represents a unique opportunity for “brand engagement and passenger interaction” and points to benefits including “increasing passenger satisfaction and loyalty”.

This strategic alliance between Gladi8tor and Outsmarted has been described as “a commitment to elevating the passenger experience through innovation”. ;