April 15, 2024

Vote for your 2022 winners today

There’s still time to vote for your favourite entries in the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2022.

Vote online for your favourite entries to move forward to the next stage of our judging process. Don’t delay, have your say today!

What to look out for…

You might like to consider the following criteria when choosing your favourites:

Innovation – our industry is constantly seeking change and improvement.
How does this product innovate the onboard offer?

First impression – the all-important ‘wow’ factor adds to every passenger experience and here our judges are looking for special design, uniqueness or simply something that makes an impression.

Quality – a sense of good quality adds to the ‘feel good’ factor in both Premium and Economy classes.

Durability – wear and tear in the air and on the rails is harsh. Items onboard suffer the effects of huge passenger turnover and need to be designed to meet the test of time, where at all possible.

Life span – in some categories this is an all-important factor for rail and airline buyers who do not want to have to replace items too often.

Weight – increasingly important for products in the air. Airlines are always looking at ways of savings costs and cutting weight is a major factor.

Design functionality – items must be easy to use either by crew or passenger and often the simpler the better.

Taste – our judges know all about taste and how this can change in the air. Snacks and drinks will be judged for their suitability and their taste-bud taste by our culinary experts.

Content – the contents of an amenity bag can be innovative whatever the budget. Here our Judges will be looking for new products, interesting brands and functionality as well as first impression.

How the product adds to the customer experience – this is what we are all about, making customers feel good! Our judges will be looking for any particular elements that might add to or be special to the passenger’s journey. 

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