Lufthansa Group introduces sustainable packaging

SPIRIANT has introduced a new sustainable onboard packaging concept for Lufthansa and Swiss short and medium-haul services.

The ‘Onboard Delights’ concept has been executed in partnership with Retail inMotion. All components are based on sustainable resources and are either compostable or recyclable. The meal boxes and sandwich bags are made from PaperWise which is derived from 100% agricultural residual material and therefore CO2 neutral. Even for smaller items such as the labels, sustainable alternatives have been defined including FSC certified and grass paper.

The thin inner coating applied to the bowls is made from PLA, a plant-derived polymer that is compostable.

The new compostable cutlery is made from bamboo. This fast-growing product offers four times higher CO2 absorption than wood and is naturally antibacterial.

Besides the choice of material, the concept is multifunctional and multipurpose with the components of the ‘Onboard Delights’ series being used for the breakfast, sandwich, coffee and fruit services. Different labels individualise the packaging and assign it to corresponding service.

The fruit service is something new within the Lufthansa service. Fruits will be offered in a cotton net which the passenger can take home after the flight. It is designed for a second sustainable use after the flight, for example as a vegetable bag.

“This innovative packaging concept represents a building block of the new Lufthansa buy on board customer experience of fresh, sustainable and high-quality catering,” says Björn Bosler, project manager Onboard Delights Lufthansa Group. “It is all about transferring known and highly valued ingredients, dishes and tastes into an appealing food and dining experience on board. Sustainable packaging is an important part of this experience.” 

Florian von Oertzen, SPIRIANT, says: “The basis for this new product range for both brands is a profound understanding of materials, their functionality and their properties when it comes to sustainability. Utilizing our extensive market knowledge and expertise, co-creation workshops with participants from both airlines were an essential part of the development process of this new range of products. As with most sustainable products, the best possible solution for the Lufthansa group is the result of a detailed analysis of all aspects of the product life cycle, from raw material, production, and usage to composting or recycling. We are proud and excited to support Lufthansa Group with another key project driving their costumer experience to the next level.”