Japan Airlines to apply antiviral and antibacterial coating onboard

The JAL Group has introduced an antiviral and antibacterial coating inside the aircraft cabin.

The SIAA certified coating will be applied to surfaces inside the aircraft, which it claims will effectively inactivate most viruses within the cabin. Locations include the lavatory, seats, armrests, overhead bins, interior walls and various locations that customers may come in contact with during a flight. 

It states the coating agent has been proven to reduce viral levels in a safe manner, as certified by the SIAA. Aircraft that have been applied with the coating will display the SIAA certification near the entrance of the aircraft. 

The coating process will start in April 2021 and is expected to be completed by July 2021. 

Back in November 2020, JAL began applying the antiviral and antibacterial coating at domestic airport check-in counters, automated baggage check-in machines, check-in kiosks, boarding gate counters, and on airstairs and will gradually expand the program at airports nationwide.