Finnair inflight meals prove popular on the ground

Finnair has made its range of inflight meals more widely available, enabling customers to buy and eat them from the comfort of their own home.

The airline’s customers and ‘armchair travellers’ are now able to purchase the popular meals in Helsinki via the Foodora online food delivery service.

Finnair has seen a strong appetite for its meals. The hand-made ‘height-cuisine’ dishes are developed at the airline’s Finnair Kitchen and were first sold in select K stores in southern Finland.

The Nordic flag carrier’s expansion in Finland follows the launch of its Taste of Finnair initiative last year which saw its Business dining options go on sale ‘on the ground’ for the first time.

With Finnair’s reduced flying schedule, the airline has focused on ensuring grounded customers missing flying can enjoy the airline’s inflight dining experience on the ground.

They can sample main dishes such as reindeer meatballs with dark blackcurrant sauce and roasted root vegetable puree, beef breast with dark truffle sauce and smoked benella rainbow trout, leek potato puree and beurre blanc sauce.

Marika Nieminen, Finnair Kitchen VP, said: “This new cooperation with Foodora online food service makes Taste of Finnair available for large number of new customers. When so many people are dreaming of future travel, we want to offer a small Finnair experience at home.

“The Taste of Finnair was born from the desire to develop Finnair business and offer employment to our people during COVID-19. I’m happy to say that we have managed to make it a permanent part of our operations. We will continue to develop both the products and the wider selection.” 

Taste of Finnair meals are hand-made at the airline’s Vantaa-based kitchens, designed by the airline’s top chefs, inspired by Finnair’s Business meals which feature a fusion of tastes from both Finland.

As well as creating three new main meals, Finnair chefs have produced a new appetiser to whet the appetite of flight-hungry former travellers; glow-fried salmon, horseradish sauce and pickled vegetables.