Economy upgrade from LSEAT

LSEAT is an Economy passenger seat that converts to sleep mode without power or crew assistance whilst maintaining pitch distance between seat rows. 

“That comfort improvement on a fully booked cabin is significant,” says Yves Hendrickx, LSEAT creator. “For instance, a passenger will be happy to pay a $50 per seat mark-up for this improved service and enhanced experience. When cabin density remains on two long haul rotations a day 330 days airline yearly revenues increase $33,000.” 

LSEAT is a retrofit kit, custom adaptable to almost any new or in-use seat. 

Installation is a ‘minor modification’ not affecting the seat certification integrity. It claims this saves costs, time and money to the airline to install.

LSEAT is working with several airlines on individual projects to be installed before the end of the year. LSEAT design adaptation and production management is a partnership with SONACA, manufacturer of leading edges and flaps mechanics on most Airbus and Dassault, and many Boeing and Embraer aircraft.