How to personalise with data

How to personalise with data

March 18, 2019

Technology is driving consumer choices onboard and enabling new levels of personalisation. Mariette Abrahams explains how

Focus on purpose
Personalisation can happen on different levels – it can be as simple as a passenger favouring a specific cuisine or opting for a low-salt diet. Today, it is possible for air, rail and cruise operators to collect a wide range of data – from age, gender and ethnicity to lifestyle choices and specific dietary needs of their travellers – and use it to create truly bespoke services.

Connect catering
There has been a significant shift in recent years to consumers seeking out ways to improve their health and wellbeing. More than ever, people work and travel globally. A wide choice of dining options is just another factor in offering a seamless travel experience There are already a number of examples of good practice. EasyJet offers products from the health and wellbeing snacking company Graze, and Turkish Airlines gives passengers the ability to select their meal beforehand. In time, a tailored offer will be available to everyone.

Be smart
We’re already seeing consumers using smart eating apps to monitor consumption and receive recommendations. The apps can be based on image recognition, where they can analyse the nutritional content of food through a picture. Other apps use barcodes or QR scanning. This enables companies to provide details of the ingredients are nutritional value of dishes.

Think logistics
Logistics are key. We need to see how far suppliers can transition into offering a truly DIY meal-ordering system. It will either move on through the adoption of new technology or the implementation of a new business model.

Tap tech trends
Blockchain technology and chatbots will be used more frequently. Artificial intelligence and big data analytics have huge potential to analyse trends in behaviour and airlines can use this to make personalised recommendations.

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