Created simply by infusing spring water with real fruit, the Phrooti Fruit Water range includes blackcurrant, raspberry and mango flavours. All with no added sugar or sweetners.

Water Within

The Water Within range of artisan spring waters comes still or carbonised. It is offered unflavoured or with natural fruit flavouring, or fortified with vitamins. Newest are Vitamin Within flavours – wild berry, lemon, and lemon and lime. waterwithin.co.uk


Offers four flavours including lemon and lime, triple berry, orange, and tropical. All are based on sparkling waters flavoured with no sugar, no sweetener, no calories and no artificial ingredients.

Get More

The Get More range includes natural flavours and added vitamins, so there is apple and raspberry with B vitamins for energy; and sparklingly blackcurrant and blueberry with vitamin A to support skin and vision.


The Powerful Water Co believes water can be an energy drink when flavoured naturally with fruit and plant sources and infused with natural caffeine from guarana and ginseng. It comes in three flavours: cranberry and apple, citrus and zest, coconut and lime.

One Origins

Inspired by connections with Africa, One Origins blends botanicals with natural spring water to create very low sugar infused waters. Flavours feature hibiscus, moringa and rooibos, and every bottle sold helps fund water projects for communities in need.