Our Virtual Expo environment

What will Onboard Hospitality-IFSA and FTE APEX Virtual Expo look like?

The Onboard Hospitality-IFSA and FTE APEX Virtual Expo environment is currently under construction, however, we can show you a selection of mock-ups to give you a feel of what our virtual home will look like, and how you can navigate the site.

Entrance Lobby
Upon signing into the Onboard Hospitality-IFSA and FTE APEX Virtual Expo, you will be greeted with an animated virtual environment (pictured below left).

This is essentially a navigation page from which visitors can access the exhibition hall, auditorium, networking lounge or ask for help at the help desk. Just click on the appropriate sign to enter the area of the site you are interested in exploring. Alternatively, you can explore the different zones of the event using the navigation banner at the top of the page.

Exhibition Hall
Here (below right) you can see an example of an exhibition hall. Attendees can use navigation arrows to scroll left and right looking at each of our exhibiting companies’ custom stand designs. Alternatively, they can use the Exhibition Index (a directory) listing the companies showcasing their product, service, or solution at Onboard Hospitality-IFSA and FTE APEX Virtual Expo. Once finding a stand they are interested in engaging with, they just need to click on the stand to enter.

Exhibitor’s Stand
An exhibitor’s stand acts as a page of resources. Exhibitors will have a fully customisable stand design displayed at the top, and underneath are content links (links to external sites such as a corporate website, contact us forms, social media pages etc.), this also includes a chat button which takes attendees into an exhibitor’s personal chat forum. Underneath this, there is an additional navigation banner, where exhibitors can add descriptive content, uploaded resources, and links (such as About Us information, brochures, manuals, and explanatory/promotional videos). On the right-hand side, attendees can see ‘Users Online’, which allows them to click on a stand representative to engage with them.

Chat Feature/Networking Lounge
Upon selecting the stand representative they wish to engage with (or by clicking on the ‘chat’ button), attendees will be taken to the exhibitor’s chat room. See an image of what this looks like, below.

You’ll notice that there is a chat room dedicated to each exhibitor on the left-hand side. Each chat room provides an open forum for group discussion amongst those on the stand. You can then select the attendee you wish to engage with on a one-to-one basis, and direct message, call, or video chat with them (using the buttons along the top of the screen). All features are already integrated into the site automatically and ready for you to use straight away. There is no need to secure a Zoom account or embed your own video chat links.

From the event lobby, attendees can also navigate to the auditorium. From here, they will be taken into the conference room where they can access a wealth of live and OnDemand educational content. To ‘attend’ a session, we invite participants to click on the presentation screen. This will bring up our full conference schedule. You just need to click on the session you wish to watch, and you’ll be taken right in – it’s as easy as that!