May 22, 2024

Virgin Atlantic to serve teapigs onboard

teapigs is launching into Virgin Atlantic this spring to bring premium teas and infusions to thousands of thirsty travellers.

Upper Class and Clubhouse passengers will be able to enjoy teapigs’ mao feng green tea, lemon and ginger, peppermint and snooze blends. teapigs only uses whole leaf teas, whole berries, whole herbs and flowers. Its teas come in tea “temples” – a plastic free roomy mesh bag that gives the leaves ample room to infuse.

“Having tried my fair share of disappointing cuppas while on flights, we’re really excited to be launching with Virgin to introduce some better brews to their passengers” says teapigs co-founder, Louise. “Virgin has been on our list to work with since day one and we can’t wait for our teas to really take off!”

Louise adds: “Virgin Atlantic is taking steps to become greener – they’re investing in research, new technologies, and innovation to reduce their impact both up in the air and on the ground. As part of this, they were looking for more sustainable partners…and that’s where we come in! We’re a proud B Corp and our packs & tea temples are certified plastic free which is perfect for their pledge to reduce single-use plastic.”