Vegan snacks

Plaintain Chips

Purely Chips are high in potassium, magnesium, fibre and vitamins and contain 30% less fat than potato chips. Plantain can also have a positive influence on digestion. Purely is available in wild garlic, lightly salted and nice and spicy.

Lotus Bites

Lotus seeds are a ‘superfood’ used in Far East medicine. Now available in a popcorn form, they are low in calories and claim the nutritional goodness of iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.


Boundless has introduced its range of gluten-free and vegan activated nuts and seeds. The packs are high in protein and fibre, and flavours include sweet maple, smoky paprika, gingery turmeric, cayenne and rosemary, tamari and aleppo, and orange, ginger and maple. Boundless activates the nuts and seeds before baking to release the natural enzymes and nutrients.

Ape Puffs

Ape has introduced a range of healthy, vegan-friendly coconut puff snacks this year. Made from a mixture of coconut, rice, coconut oil and all natural seasonings, the puffs are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, a good source of fibre and under 115 calories a serving. The on-the-go snacks are available in three flavours: vegan cheese, lightly salted and Thai chilli.

Other Foods

Other Foods has added crunchy mushroom and crunchy okra vegetable crisps to its range. The lightly-salted snacks are high in fibre, vegan-friendly and contain no added sugar. They come in eco-conscious packaging and have a long shelf life.

Seed Snacks

This three-strong collection of seedy snacks contains a minimum of five different seeds, a flagship ‘superfood’ (wheatgrass, maca or brahmi) and uses apple to bind ingredients resulting in a tasty low calorie baked bite.