April 15, 2024

TYPICA strives for coffee trade equality

Global venture TYPICA, founded by Ayane Yamada and Masashi Goto, strives for transparency in the distribution of green coffees. TYPICA’s online platform will allow coffee producers and coffee roasters to directly trade coffee from a single jute bag (60kg).

Within a year of the launch of TYPICA, it has grown into a network of more than 2,000 producers and roasters from 12 countries. In Japan, with an earlier launch in April 2021, it has already seen more than 800 roasters who are registered and using the platform.

Previously, green coffee trading was only possible from a container shipment (18t). TYPICA makes direct trading of green coffee possible from a single jute bag (60kg). By adding an option to trade in smaller quantities, it has been able to create a community of producers and roasters. It hopes that through this community, it will transform the coffee industry into an industry where “100% direct trade” is possible for anyone.

The goal for 2025 is for TYPICA to grow the coffee community into more than 5,000 producers across 70 countries worldwide. In October 2021 it will see global expansion of the distribution to 38 countries in total such as the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, South Korea and Taiwan.

Its objective is to empower the individuals in the coffee industry, to increase sustainability of high-quality coffee production, and to drastically improve the experience of coffee lovers by rejuvenating the worldwide coffee community of producers and roasters.

TYPICA founder, Ayane Yamada, said: “I feel that many people in the coffee industry share the desire to build stronger relationships with coffee producers and to improve sustainability for delicious coffee. TYPICA removes these barriers and makes direct trade possible for all roasters and producers. This platform embodies what I yearned for in sourcing green coffee during my years as a roaster. I feel incredibly happy that many roasters have chosen to join our community through our global launch and I look forward to building the future of coffee together.”

Founder Masashi Goto added: “Two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world, which makes coffee the second most traded international goods after oil. I decided to establish TYPICA because I felt that two billion cups of consumer behaviour shows the potential that coffee has in bringing happiness to people worldwide.

“TYPICA provides roasters around the world an opportunity to use coffee that is “100% direct trade”. In a world where more than 3.5 billion people are connected on the internet, there is an increasing opportunity for coffee producers to distribute as direct trade. Providing the infrastructure to more than 20 million coffee producers (around 100 million including their families), can change their lifestyle and their lives.

“I believe that by increasing directly traded green coffee, we can simultaneously improve the quality of life for producers, roasters and consumers as well as increase sustainability of our world. It is for the pursuit of this belief that I will continue to develop a platform where participation for all coffee lovers is possible.”