June 19, 2024

Travel cutlery goes to hospital

WK Thomas’s cutlery packing facility has responded to the increased requirement for pre-packed cutlery kits from the National Health Service.

Production at WKT’s UK based operation is usually reserved from making kits for the travel sector but has now pivoted its focus to answer the call from the NHS sites across the UK.

“At this time of year we would usually be producing kits for people travelling across the world for holidays. With our local supply chain and UK based production facility we have been able to quickly pull together all the necessary components and get these new packs delivered to where they are needed most.” said WK Thomas head of travel David Simpson.

Sealed packs containing a disposable knife, fork, spoon, condiments and a napkin provide a hygienic, quick service solution to the allow hospital staff, volunteers and patients to safely consume and dispose of utensils and packaging whilst reducing the amount of physical contact required during distribution and collection.