May 22, 2024

Transavia renews partnership with Newrest

Newrest has signed a new contract with Transavia to provide inflight catering solutions out of the Netherlands.

Newrest has been working with Transavia for the past 17 years providing inflight catering services out of Amsterdam, whilst at the same time managing this service on behalf of Transavia from Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

The partnership started in 2004 when Newrest entered the Dutch market and built an ad-hoc catering unit specific to the needs of the airline. In May 2020 a brand-new unit was inaugurated to further support the growth of Transavia and its business model that proves to be geared to the new challenges of the airlines sector.

The new “management on behalf” contract is for a maximum period of three years and is led by innovations in all its aspect: procurement, inventory management, quality control, financial services, digital solutions, sustainability program and fresh food loading programme.

“Being awarded the management of Transavia catering program for another three years is a key milestone for Newrest,” said, co-CEO of Newrest Group Olivier Sadran. “Flexibility and agility are at the heart of our in house digital and innovation ecosystem. Our ambition is to provide a platform of solutions to Transavia covering the large spectrum of processes we oversee with the aim of achieving the highest level of satisfaction for Transavia passengers while reducing our environmental impact.”

“With the objectives, ambition and innovation that we have in mind together, we look forward to offering our passenger the most optimal and sustainable solutions with this renewed collaboration”, says Erwin Hoogzaad, product developer at Transavia.