June 19, 2024

Time to be SUP-free

NowNewNext has launched a new service to assist brands in making their business ‘SUP-proof’ – and ready for the new Single Use Plastics (SUP) regulations.

Called SUP Solutions, the new service brings together expertise across the entire supply chain to advise on SUP policy and strategy as well as providing concrete solutions (both in 2D and 3D), and guidance on suppliers to use.

The one-stop-shop service has already worked with a Dutch aviation company, an international restaurant chain and a number of international disposables suppliers, and sees NowNewNext partner with Green Serendipity, a like-minded independent specialist in packaging and sustainability.

The two companies are focused on identifying sustainable disposables and packaging and Ariane van Mancius of NowNewNext, says: “Convenience is a major driver in the food and packaging industry, however your convenience is highly inconvenient for our planet. The European Commission has expressed extreme concerns about SUP usage and has accelerated the adoption of guidelines to reduce them. From 3 July 2021 there will be a trade ban on SUP products such as stirrers, straws, single use plates, cutlery and cups made from specific materials. SUP-proof alternatives will need to be found for all of these products. Most bioplastics also fall foul of the proposed ban unless they consist entirely of natural fibres.

“Brand owners who use SUP products to package and supply food and drinks need to seriously consider how to innovate SUP-proof solutions. They need to explore and act on ideas such as return systems, waste collection and disposal and to choose between reusable alternatives or creating disposables made from SUP-proof materials. All of this will need to be executed properly and rapidly. Everything has to be in place inside 12 months; there’s no time to lose.”