February 21, 2024

The Next Generation steps forward

The Get Onboard Now! campaign is stepping up its engagement with young talent in the onboard sector with a new next-gen forum for debate, driven by the People Action Group.  

The Group recognised the urgent need for a better understanding of the values and demands of next-gen travellers and next-gen employees, and is championing this next-gen panel to give a voice to the up-and-coming talent of our industry.  

The panel will convene for the first time on Tuesday July 27 to discuss key themes, including trends, sustainability, industry exposure, career development, and education. It will include interns, students, recent graduates and more experienced employees that have recently made the move to our industry from a different sector. The goal will be to bring fresh perspectives to the recovery debate and build bridges between experienced veterans of the industry and new enthusiasts. 

Young talent from companies including Clip, John Horsfall, LSG Group, Eurowings and Niche Free-from Kitchen will join the debate and the first meeting will be a chance for members to identify what they consider to be priorities for the industry moving forward.

“The industry is having to do more with fewer people,” says Julie Baxter, Onboard Hospitality editor.

“Numbers are down and the talent pool has decreased. We need to build back the strength of the knowledge pool, and also capitalise on the enthusiasm and fresh ideas of the next generation.

“We are keen to shine a light on the needs and views of up-and-coming talent and encourage their input in the debate around recovery. The panel will be supported by those with a long track record in the industry and I am confident the discussions between the two will make for an interesting and enlightening debate.”

For more information contact april.waterston@onboardhospitality.com