April 14, 2024

The comfort zone

Procurall is a freshly-launched amenities supplier looking to shake things up with new ways of doing business. Julie Baxter discovers more.

New amenities business Procurall believes it can cut airline costs by shaking up the way airlines, cruise companies and their suppliers do business.

Launched in February by a group of industry veterans claiming 150 years of experience between them, the female-owned and led business has already secured orders and contracts with American Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue and Copa Airlines, supplying a diverse range of products including amenity kits, soft goods, sustainable food and beverage ware, personal protection equipment (PPE) and more.

Rethinking business

Jennifer Green, President, explains: “After studying the competitive landscape, I felt there was not only room for another player in our market niche, but a need. The Procurall team believes it can offer better products, while saving our customers, and ourselves, time and money, by streamlining the supply chain management, purchasing raw materials in bulk, sourcing and manufacturing across continents, and using niche-
specific workflow management. It was with that vision that Procurall was born.”

Operating as a full-service provider, specialising in the design and development of onboard comfort items and service ware, the new team has a sharp eye on innovation, brand partnerships, customisation and sustainable practices.

Going organic

Green adds: “Our working approach is very organic, but also literal. We thoughtfully dissect each brief and start visualising how the programme will look onboard. We then work through the facts and requirements and fill in the puzzle pieces. The literal aspects fall into place allowing the creativity and uniqueness of each individual airline’s identity to form organically.”

The goal is to be at the forefront of global industry trends, including product and production innovations so Procurall has invested heavily in its supply chain management and raw material purchasing efficiencies. It is also developing bespoke workflows and exclusive brand partnerships focused on matching airline clients to brands that complement and enhance their own established offer.

We are sustainability advocates with strict standards and practices that are implemented daily across the company to reduce environmental impacts. We have the same high expectations of all our manufacturing partners, vetting them through a sustainability questionnaire and annual ESG reports. We expect to be a leader in sustainable initiatives and innovation in our sector within the next five years.“