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Tech gets on track

Digitalisation of the railways offers huge potential for passenger growth – and with it supplier opportunities, says Roger Williams

Smart shopping inflight

Earlier this year ATPCO acquired Routehappy and with it a rich bank of content for airline shopping. Ben Coren discovers more

Tech that cares

Panasonic Avionics has developed a Wellness programme as part of its NEXT platform. Richard Williams reports

Game on

Seat back gaming can distract young kids and help passengers wile away the flying hours. Benjamin Coren highlights some top picks

“Alexa – upgrade me!”

Virgin Trains and Amazon are leading the way in the use of digital voice-tech for rail bookings. Roger Williams investigates…

Unblocking blockchains

The world of blockchain technology is complex and cryptic. Benjamin Coren finds out how it could work for you

Happy returns

Richard Williams asks three key tech players for their views on passenger data and ways to turn investment into revenue returns

Wearables get smart

The development of smart-device wearables is set to impact on passenger wellbeing, Richard Williams discovers how

Mobile point of sale

Simon Pont, ceo, ECR Retail Systems, explains how mobile point of sale technology can help drive onboard revenues and enhance the customer experience

Alexis Steinman talks tech

Alexis Steinman at Global Eagle Entertainment talks recent awards, acquisitions and what they mean for the business

Portable streaming

It is said that 98% of flights in the EU have no inflight entertainment. But low-cost options are emerging fast, says Richard Williams

Protecting your IFE network

Airline security solutions now need to comply with the upcoming EU regulations. Richard Williams finds out more from VT Miltope