May 22, 2024

Taste of Travel | Tuesday schedule

Have a spare hour between meetings? Why not head to the Taste of Travel theatre today to watch one of the following sessions…

11am: What is your nut-free policy?

Some surprising and challenging pointers are set to come out of this debate at 11.00 in the Taste of Travel Theatre revealing that special meals need to be regulated across the globe if passengers are to trust them. “Near miss” reporting is no longer good enough as the industry comes to realise that giving passengers with allergies incorrect meals is dangerous and potentially fatal.  Our panel of nutrition experts, led by Marc Warde of Libero Special Meals, face up to the challenges.

12pm: Reduce onboard waste to boost bottom lines

At 12:00 in the Taste of Travel Theatre, three panellists and moderator Maryann Simson will discuss how the airline catering industry can leverage technologies and passenger data to optimise loading and increase supply chain efficiency.

“In a post-COVID airline sector, sustainability and ancillary revenues matter more than ever.” says Simson. “Today our panellists will shed light on how pre-ordering, in-seat ordering and other new digital self-service options can boost bottom lines, improve the passenger experience, and ultimately reduce catering waste.”

2:15pm: Passengers lead the way

We cannot afford to ignore our passengers when it comes to sustainability. In this lively session at 14.15 on the Taste of Travel Theatre today, moderated by IFSA director, Lauren Costello, our experienced panel tells us how suppliers and caterers are working to keep our pledge to make flying more sustainable and even to exceed expectations.

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