June 25, 2024

Taste of Travel | Thursday schedule

Wow, hasn’t time flown! We can hardly believe it’s already the last day of the show. If you haven’t already, make time in your busy schedule today to enjoy one of our final Taste of Travel sessions. Highlights include…

Sustainability workshop

Can they tell us all in just three minutes? Seven of our industry’s leading amenity and comfort suppliers put on an inspirational display of innovation in this quick fire presentation of their latest products.  Overseen by David Young, newly-elected of President of the Aviation Sustainability Forum (ASF) and Gregoire James of International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA) we invite each entrant to present his/her latest sustainable designs in a nail-biting three-minute presentation. A display of talent and creativity from the very best designers in this field.

11:15am: An industry in crisis

As we hear the daily horror stories of flight cancellations, restaurants closing and businesses struggling, Robin Padgett, Divisional Senior Vice President – Catering & Retail, dnata focuses on ways in which we can entice a new generation of young professionals into our industry.  A good working environment and good leadership are essential if we are to engage with a new generation of digital natives with high expectations. Today’s session at 11.15 on the Taste of Travel Theatre includes Nick Wiley, Managing Director, En Route; Antony McNeil, Singapore Airlines; Helen Parkinson, Niche Free-From Kitchen and Bernd Koperdraad, Sola.   

12:30am: Happy hour

To celebrate the end of another jam-packed three days on the Taste of Travel Theatre we invite you all to enjoy a glass or two at 12.30 onwards.

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