Targeting millennials

Hipsters onboard

June 27, 2018

Late last year Air France launched a ‘new generation travel experience’ geared specifically towards the millennial market. Named Joon (a play on the word jeune – young in French) it has been tagged the ‘hispter airline’ and has a very particular onboard vibe.

The new onboard offer features craft beers and organic coffee and the crew sport a cool, casual uniform. Air France pitches it as a new model of airline, somewhere between a traditional and low-cost carrier, offering a flying experience they say is both stylish and relaxed.

Michael Ruet, head of partnerships and advertising at Joon, says: “We wanted to create a product that was fast and quick to market. We wanted to think forward and create a new passenger experience something different and recognisable, and developed on digital connectivity and tailor-made experiences.”

Based at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, the goal is to have 28 aircraft in the fleet by 2020, comprising 18 medium-haul and 10 long-haul aircraft. An in-house laboratory will create and develop onboard products internally and evolve the digital product.

Passengers are offered ‘You Joon’ an onboard strreaming service which delivers movies, airmaps and flight information direct to their personal devices and on long-haul aircraft new IFEC systems will link with Skylights systems to provide VR headsets for rental onboard.

Cabin crew have been given a casual-chic look designed to set the uber cool vibe onboard. Ruet explains: “We wanted different uniforms to send a signal to the passengers that we are approachable. Crew dress the same way our customers do and in styles designed to make them feel comfortable too.” The uniforms are made of fabrics spun using 60% recycled plastics, providing an on-message eco-solution millennials will rate too. Onboard product is focused on presenting a broad menu of options so passengers can customise their experience.

All passengers get a free welcome drink and the carrier offers a large onboard menu of more than 60 products from aperitifs to snacks and shopping services. Some 20% of food products offered are organic and locally-made in France.

For premium travellers there is a Business product on short haul, and Business and Premium Economy on long-haul. In long-haul Business cabins there are lie-flat beds and super trendy cocktails developed in collaboration with the Experimental Cocktail Club.

Ruet says: “We want to make sure people can personalise their journey from the first mile to the last. We see ‘millennial’ as a state of mind as opposed to a demographic and are going to be very present on social media. Our campaigns will be purely digital.”