Take your pick: Beer


Offered on SAS Scandinavian Airlines’ domestic, European and international routes since August 2014, SAS introduced Mikkeller cans onboard in 2014 and has also partnered with the Danish brewery to produce a range of limited edition bottled beers. Sweet and Sour is the latest, released with the launch of the airline’s new Hong Kong route last year. “Travellers’ only option is usually dull, tasteless beer in a can, so this really sets up completely new standards onboard a flight,” says the brewery’s Mikkel Borg Bjergsø.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

On most Delta Air Lines flights within and departing North America, including all transatlantic flights, since 2014; and on American Airlines’ domestic and international flights since 2013. The option of a Samuel Adams Boston Lager onboard Delta and AA comes as a relief to many beer fans who have historically been faced only with a choice of mainstream global lagers on the world’s biggest airlines. For such airlines, the trick is finding a great beer that a brewer can supply in the huge volumes required.

Anchor Steam Beer

Like most of North America’s regional airlines, California-based Virgin America has teamed up with a popular hometown or regional brewery to serve its beers onboard. Of all the craft beers currently available on US regional airlines, Anchor Steam is one of the highest-scoring on popular ratings website, BeerAdvocate.com.”Anchor Steam Beer is a classic of American brewing tradition since 1896 that owes its deep amber colour, thick, creamy head, and rich, distinctive flavour to an historic brewing process.”


All Airberlin’s short and medium-haul services since April 2016. Brlo is a young Berlin-based brewery making waves in the German craft beer industry. This 6% beer, produced solely for airberlin, uses centennial, citra, saphir, cascade and Willamette hops to produce a tangy, full-bodied pale ale with aromas of currants, grapefruit and orange. “BRLO is the old-Slavic root of the name Berlin, making it a perfect fit for the capital airline. BRLO has created a can especially for airberlin, which can only be bought onboard.”

St Austell Brewery’s Tribute

British Airways has long carried a quintessential British ale onboard but earlier this year it announced Tribute, a pale ale from Cornwall’s St Austell Brewery, would usurp perennially popular Fuller’s London Pride. The airline says Tribute is “proving very popular with our customers”. London Pride is among the top five best-selling bottled ales in the UK, with 3.3% market share while Tribute lies just outside the top ten with 1.6% of the market. Founded in 1851, St Austell Brewery remains family-owned and independent.