Take your pick: Rail Choice


Virgin Trains stocks glutenfree porridge oats (believed to lower cholesterol) and its meat-free options include a vegan pot of mushrooms, hash browns, spinach and baked beans. Healthier drinks available include Brew’s Anti-Oxidant Tea. virgintrains.co.uk


German cuisine is famous for sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), a probiotic which can aid digestion, so this is a good option as a side dish on Deutsche Bahn trains. Its menus focus on good quality, sustainable ingredients bahn.com


In France, SNCF’s TGV ‘Inoui’ bistro has introduced one of the widest ranges of vegan dishes on the railways, devised by Michelin-star chef Michel Sarran. An example is a zucchini and carrot salad, a good source of beta carotene. Healthier dessert choices include vanilla yoghurt and apricot puré e, and it also has organic and vegetarian options. sncf.com


In Italy on the high-speed Frecciarossa, the menus focus on lighter dishes using fresh, seasonal product. The emphasis is on ingredients with high nutritional value cooked using methods that preserve their goodness, according to chef Carlo Cracco who created the dishes. Examples include a high tea of Casarecce pasta with fish, fennel and cherry tomatoes. italiarail.com


Eurostar Standard Premier and Business Premier customers can request low-salt, low-fat, gluten and dairy free meals as well as vegan, vegetarian and special meals for diabetics. Examples of buyon- board meals introduced by Eurostar’s Michelinstar chef Raymond Blanc include avocado with egg, cream cheese and sunblush tomato on rye bread. eurostar.com