Take your pick: Noodles


This American company, best known for its canned foods, also makes Campbell’s Hearty Noodles, which are baked not fried. Flavours include beef, oriental hot & sour, and chicken, offered on Air Canada’s Café menu. campbellsoup.ca

Shin Ramyun

Produced by the South Korean food company, Nongshim, these spicy beef and red-pepper sauce noodles are exported to over 100 countries. They contain no trans fats or preservatives and can be found onboard LCC Scoot’s fleet. eng.nongshim.com

Hart & soul

Using low-calorie and gluten-free konjac (an Asian tuber) noodles, this Australian company makes GMO-free pots with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Its Vietnamese Pho is available on New Zealand-bound and domestic JetStar flights. hartandsoul.com


Probably the best known noodle company in the world, Nissin makes the original Cup Noodles flying on Hawaiian Airlines and Spirit Airlines. It is also in a strategic partnership with Premier Foods which will launch four Batchelors Super Noodles flavours – chicken, BBQ beef, curry and bacon in February. nissinfoods.com

KABUTO noodles

From Pho to Ramen, this company produces various noodle styles including a gluten-free range made with rice flour. Flavours include Chicken Ramen and Vegetable Laksa, which contains coconut, sweet corn and peppers. Kabuto is currently sold on Norwegian Air, easyjet and Monarch Airlines. It also makes rice pots. The products contain no additives, preservatives or plastic. kabutonoodles.com

Mr Lee’s noodles

Gluten-free and low in calories, salt, sugar and saturated fats, these noodles have a higher nutritional content and longer shelf life thanks to their freeze-dried ingredients, including chunky bits of meat and vegetables. They already feature on South-West Trains catering trolleys in the UK, and the Hong Kong Street Beef flavour is flying on Jetstar in Australia. mrleesnoodles.com