Take your pick: Hydration


Uppy! – The Genius Flyer helps the body cope with the dry cabin air. The oral rehydration solution, currently onboard Emirates, combines electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to help the passenger recover quicker. The latest addition to the range is Uppy! – The Genius Energizer which has an added caffeine boost and grapefruit and ginger flavour. uppyflyer.com


PHIZZ hydration sachets are currently an amenity onboard both Emirates and American Airlines. The product offers hydration and electrolyte replacement and immune system support for passengers. An apple and blackcurrant flavour of its hydration, vitamins and minerals formula was introduced this year. phizz.co

Waterdrop Microdrink

A cube of Waterdrop contains vitamins B6, B12 and C and also flavours water with no added sugar. The product comes in seven varieties with different health benefits. For example, Boost contains acai, blackcurrant and elderflower, and Relax contains hibiscus, acer ola and ariona. One cube should be dissolved in 400-600ml of water. waterdrop.com

O.R.S Hydration

These tablets dissolve in water to create a lowcalorie electrolyte drink for faster and more effective hydration. The product comes in lemon, blackcurrant and strawberry and is suitable for children. ors.uk.com


Available onboard Emirates and included in American Airlines’ amenity kits, the multi-vitamin hydration tablet is designed to offset dehydration, combat fatigue and boost the immune system and is available in four flavours. flyfit.com