Take your pick: Celebrate!

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines partnered with Buzz for anniversary kits to mark its 70th year. The kit bring New York-based The Laundress brand onboard and features eco-friendly fabric care products to freshen clothing and remove wrinkles and stains. buzzproducts.com

Hong Kong Airlines

These Business class kits are designed to celebrate the art and culture of Hong Kong, showcasing designs of four up and coming artists. The kits aim to be practical, with L’Occitane products and strong reuse potential. spiriant.com

Air France

Celebrating 85 years of operations, Air France partnered with Albea Travel Designers for new kits in in Business and Premium Economy, the kits sport a geometric design, vibrant colours and an avant-garde spirit in a nod to the carrier’s heritage. They include Clarins products

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines has taken the celebrations into Economy. Its kit collaboration with Buzz showcases the talent of its passengers while also celebrating the airline’s destinations. The kits features photos taken by customers and shared on social media with the hashtag #SkyMilesLife. buzzproducts.com


To mark Qantas’ centenary, Galileo Watermark designed amenity kits to take passengers on a journey through the decades. The vibrant bags are inspired by Qantas’ inflight style and design through the decades. galileowatermark.com

Turkish Airlines

Turkish artist Devrim Erbil celebrates the beauty of Istanbul (his home for over 60 years) through his paintings and now Turkish Airlines is sharing his love of the city through eight collectable kits in Business.