Take your pick: Honey

Hiver beer

Hiver uses a blend of urban and rural honeys from independent British beekeepers to produce its honey beer. The product range includes canned Honey IPA, bottled Honey Ale and Honey Blonde. The company uses only British ingredients and ferments with raw honey to produce its range. hiverbeers.com

Wye Valley Meadery

The brothers at the Wye Valley Meadery made it their mission to bring mead into the 21st century with a modern, craft-beer like twist. Flavours include rhubarb, ginger, mango and elderflower.

Happy Honey

Raw honey is said to have medicinal properties, and is recommended as a way to fight colds, improve the functioning of the heart and brain, and enhance concentration. Airlines can treat their passengers to a Happy Honey spread based on raw honey and available in raspberry, cocoa, apricot, plum and ginger flavours. happyhoney.world

Bee D’Vine

This Ethiopian honey wine is aged for over 10 months. Available as a non-sparkling, dry brut and semi-sweet demi sec, its origins are rooted in forest conservation and rural development. beedvine.com

Beeble Whisky

Beeble Original offers a sweet alternative to traditional whisky. To avoid wasting the honey stuck to the hive’s frames, the Beeble team soaked the frames in whisky and Beeble Whisky was born. beeble.buzz