Take your pick Alcohol-free


Bring Cuba to your passengers with this Danish alcohol-free rum alternative. Made from Madagascan vanilla and nutmeg, it offers similar notes to those you’d find in a typical dark rum. At only 0.5% alcohol content it’s considered ‘ultra-low’ and has only six calories per serving. ishspirits.com


A distilled non-alcoholic altgin made with exotic South African botanicals, Ceder’s is blended with Swedish water and bottled in Sweden. It comes in three blends – Classic, described as ‘floral and balanced’, Crisp, which is ‘refreshing and tranquil’, and Wild, which is ‘spicy and intriguing’. ceders-alt-gin.com


Stryyk has three aptly named products: Not Rum, Not Gin, and Not Vodka. Encouraging people to ‘Stryyk’ the hangover, Not Rum and Not Gin also have no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavours.
‘All the spirit, none of the alcohol’.


Already served on Virgin Atlantic, Seedlip comes in three blends – Spice 94, Garden 108, and Grove 42. Best served with tonic water over ice, it can also be used to create iconic cocktails like an espresso martini (or ‘martino’) or mimosas. seedlipdrinks.com


Supposedly, the plant-based ingredients in Three Spirit have been chosen to create a ‘synergistic experience’ that allows you to connect deeper with yourself and others – a bit like alcohol would. With full-bodied chocolate notes and grassy herbal undertones, drink it on the rocks or with ginger beer to make a ‘Light and Stormy’. threespiritdrinks.com